Food For Thought Makes Students Hungry For Knowledge

At St. John Elementary School, grade 8 teachers Tracy Bain, Elisha Horbay and Alexandra Battista said they took their chances when they decided to adopt an inquiry based approach and flip their three grade 8 classrooms, allowing their students to take charge of their learning.  The theme was “The Abundance of Corn in Food” and students were given the choice to explore the topics they were interested in.  The results of this project demonstrate how students engagement level and learning increase when they are encouraged to construct their knowledge through relevant tasks with real world applications.

What is your opinion on inquiry based projects?  Is  there still a place for rote learning and standardized testing in the 21st century classroom? Can traditional teaching methods and tasks efficiently help our students to develop 21st century skills (i.e.: collaboration, self-regulation, real world problem solving, skilled communication,  knowledge construction and use of I.C.T.)?  Feel free to share your thoughts!

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